Washington export activity

Value of Washington exports

2016 ($ Millions)

Industry Value
Total all Industries $79,559
Civilian Aircraft, Engines & Parts $46,465
Soybeans $4,050
Corn (Maize), Other Than Seed Corn $2,103
Wheat and Meslin $1,636
Petrol Oil Bitum Mineral $1,237
Potatoes, Prepared $782
Apples, Fresh $718
Ultrasonic Scanning Apparatus $697
Coniferous Wood in the Rough, Not treated $693
LT Oils, Preps GT=70% Petroleum/Bitumen $540

1997 to 2016
Inflation-Adjusted to 2016 Dollars

  • Between 1997 and 2005, Washington exports averaged of $40 billion of goods per year.
  • Between 2004 and 2008, total exports jumped from $34 billion to $55 billion due largely to a doubling of transportation equipment exports. The leveling off in 2008 was a result of a disruption in aircraft orders due to a protracted labor/management dispute. The slowdown in 2009 exports was due to the global recession.
  • Transportation equipment, primarily aircraft and parts, accounted for over 58.4 percent of Washington exports in 2016.
  • Washington has consistently ranked in the top states in exports during the last decade, and in 2016 ranked 3rd in total value of exports behind Texas and California.

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