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Median home price

Median home price in Washington

1996 - 2018

Washington export activity

Value of Washington exports

2018 ($ Millions)

Per capita personal income by county

Per Capita Personal Income, 1980

Inflation-Adjusted to 2017 Dollars

Average wages by county (map)

Average Wages, 1980

Inflation-Adjusted to 2017 Dollars

Median household income estimates

Median Household Income Estimates by County: 1989 to 2017 and Projection for 2018

Long-term economic forecast

This file contains long-term population, resident civilian labor force, employment and personal income projections for Washington state. In contrast to the short-term economic forecasts that focus on assessing business cycle conditions, long-term projections examine demographic trends, structural changes in industries, changes in production factors such as labor supply and capital investment and technology/productivity advances. Data are now forecast to 2040.