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ITPS Governance Committee

Committee members
  • James Weaver, State CIO - committee co-chair
  • Franklin Plaistowe, Assistant Director State Human Resources - committee co-chair

HR Community Representatives

  • Audrey Ulrich, DVA
  • Cathleen Overmiller, WaTech
  • Holly Gorski, Pierce College
  • Laurie Milligan, DOL
  • Lea Aune, WWU
  • Marty Graf, ESD

IT Community Representatives

  • Andy Heiser, Skagit College
  • Chuck Lanham, WWU
  • Matt Modarelli, DOT
  • Rick Griffith, ATG
  • Steve Young, OSPI
  • Vinod Brahmapuram, WaTech

ITPS Governance Committee Coordinator

  • Angie Hogenson, OFM

IT Professional Structure governance creates a responsible, realistic and effective way to integrate and align ITPS across state agencies and higher education institutions.


The ITPS Governance Committee, co-chaired by the OFM Assistant Director for State Human Resources and the State Chief Information Officer, is a multi-agency collaborative responsible for effective and sustainable oversight and guidance for the administration of Washington’s ITPS. These efforts protect the integrity of the structure across state government, with supporting protocols and measures. The committee will:

  • maintain a governance structure that integrates and aligns IT workforce priorities across agencies/institutions and promotes an open dialogue of needs and issues.
  • protect the integrity of the ITPS structure; ensure agency/institution compliance with ITPS policies and processes that promote consistent application across agencies/institutions.
  • develop and monitor performance measures that assist in sustaining ITPS’ potential to deliver its intended value.
  • provide a forum for communication to/from the IT and HR communities.


ITPS Governance Committee Charter 

Committee status

  • The ITPS Governance Committee did not meet in March 2020 or April 2020 due to COVID-19 priorities for the members.  
  • A change in membership occurred in the large agency HR representation.  Melisa Olsen left her position as the Department of Corrections HR Director.  Using the voting conducted earlier this year, the nominee with the next highest votes for the category, Marty Graf from the Employment Security Department, was selected to replace Melia on the committee. 
  • The committee held a virtual meeting on May 18, 2020:  
    • Current status on ITPS related activities was provided to the committee. 
    • The impacts of the pandemic on the states IT workforce was discussed. 
  • The next scheduled meeting is on June 23, 2020.



Last updated
Thursday, June 18, 2020
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