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Facilities Portfolio Management Tool (FPMT)

To understand and manage the significant financial investment made by the citizens of Washington in state-owned and leased facilities used by state agencies, RCW 43.82.150 requires OFM to develop and maintain an inventory system of all facilities owned and leased by state government.  

In 2017, OFM in partnership with R&K Solutions, Inc., worked with state agencies to acquire and successfully deploy the Facilities Portfolio Management Tool (FPMT). The FPMT is a secure vendor hosted, web-based facilities portfolio management technology tool.  The solution captures and retains basic facilities data (such as the facility owner, location, type, condition and size of each facility), leases contract data, space use data, photos and related documents. 

The FPMT replaced the previous manual Microsoft Excel reporting processes, including data collection for the Annual State Facilities Inventory Report and the biennial Six-Year Facilities Plan. It allows OFM to capture, manage, use and report relevant facility inventory data collected from over 75 state agencies. The data stored in the system is used to inform the state’s Six-Year Facilities Plan, capital budget decisions, comprehensive emergency management planning and other analyses related to state facilities

The system allows users to visualize facilities on a map.  OFM uses mapping to understand the facilities portfolio, to identify opportunities to improve space utilization and consider future facilities siting.

This system retains historic data to allow the state to understand how the facilities portfolio changes over time.

The system reduces data error by preventing duplicate records, enforcing data integrity, and maintaining a record of who made system changes and when those changes were made.

The solution provides a variety of pre-built reports and ability to search and acquire specific data from the system on an ad hoc basis.

The solution is flexible enough to expand as new business needs are identified.

FPMT - Getting Started: How to Request an Account

State agencies may request access by emailing