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The 2020 Census has ended! Thank you to all who worked so hard in Washington to encourage participation.

Check out this 30-minute video diary of some of the amazing activities that communities across the state organized to ensure all residents of Washington were counted. Due to this widespread community involvement – and despite the COVID-19 pandemic – Washington is proud to be second in the nation in terms of self-response.

Logo reading "WA Counts 2020" over an image of hands stretched high in the air

2020 Census: Everyone Counts

OFM serves as the liaison between the state and the U.S. Census Bureau, acts as an advocate on census-related issues for Washington and facilitates the bureau’s mission of achieving a complete, accurate 2020 census count. In addition to being used to draw federal, state and local political boundaries, census data is used to distribute more than $880 billion total in federal funds to states, counties and cities. Moreover, private and public agencies, organizations, businesses and others use census data to help decide where to build schools, roads, health care facilities, child care and senior centers and other facilities.

Communities across the state continue to mobilize to ensure that everyone counts in 2020. Find out more about the census and what you can do to educate and promote participation where you live.

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