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State Employee Engagement Survey

Survey Results & Analysis- summary table

2018 Employee Engagement Survey Report (PDF, 567 KB)

RAMP Model

Every year, State Human Resources administers the State Employee Engagement Survey for the executive branch.

In 2018...

  • 77 agencies, boards and commissions participated in the survey, representing 98.6% of the executive branch workforce.

  • 44,055 employees took the survey, for a response rate of 69%.

  • 80% or more gave positive ratings for the three following issue areas:

    • Being treated with dignity and respect by their supervisors

    • Knowing what is expected of them

    • Understanding how their work contributes to the goals of the agency

  • Long-term trend data continues to show predictable patterns. Employees in the first two years of a job and employees in small agencies continue to give higher scores than the workforce as a whole. Patterns such as these can provide insight on ways to improve the work experience for all employees.

  • The employee engagement survey results are used to improve Washington state government as an employer of choice. Progress will be reported through the Results Washington.


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