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Abolished Date: 2012-11-09


Supervises data processing personnel performing data entry, computer input scheduling and/or computer operations functions.

Distinguishing Characteristics

D. P. Supervisor for data entry: 

  • Serves as a single-position supervisor over all operators within a multi-shift data entry organization of 60 or more data entry operators.   

D. P. Supervisor for scheduling: 

  • Supervises a multi-shift group of six or more Computer Input Schedulers consisting of at least one subordinate scheduling supervisor responsible for an entire shift (only one position per agency or service center at this level responsible for scheduling supervision). 

 D. P. Supervisor for operations: 

  • Supervises a five- to seven-day single- or multi-shift operation consisting of at least four computer operators including one Computer Operator 4; or supervises a five- to seven-day single- or multi-shift operation consisting of at least three computer operators including one Computer Operator 5; or supervises a computer operations installation consisting of two or more subordinate supervisors over computer operators; or under direction of an assistant manager, supervises at least four computer operators during regularly scheduled periods to help cover a six- or seven-day operation consisting of at least one Computer Operator 4; or supervises a multi-shift computer output microfilm operation or six or more COM operators consisting of at least one subordinate supervisor responsible for an entire shift (only one position per service center at this level responsible for COM supervision).   

D. P. Supervisor for multi-function: 

  • Supervises a multi-function group with six or more data processing employees including at least one subordinate supervisor.   

Definition of terms for allocation purposes: 

  • "Function" of three areas - Computer Operations, Computer Scheduling, or Data Entry.   
  • "Multi-function"...more than one function with two or more subordinates in each of at least two functions.   
  • "Multi-shift"...more than one shift with two or more subordinates on each of at least two shifts.   
  • "Six- or seven-day operations" least two subordinates working on the 6th or 7th day.

Typical Work

For total agency or service center, assigns, coordinates, supervises and reviews functions of largest staff of operators and supervisors engaged in data entering and verifying relative to agency operations or programs;  

Directs subordinate supervisors in the establishment and maintenance of controls and production schedules to regulate volume and accuracy; consults with data processing personnel on new programs and program changes;  

Devises, initiates, and manages routing, data entry, and verifying procedures; confers with operators and supervisors on various work problems; directs attendance, production and accuracy records and control sheets;  

Selects and supervises training of new operators and supervisors in correct use of equipment and procedures;  

May supervise clerical personnel engaged in related activities;  

Performs other work as required.  

Typical Work - Scheduling

Plans, assigns and supervises all agency or service center staff engaged in scheduling, staging, maintaining controls and distribution of production;

Establishes procedures to be followed by all subordinate supervisory and other staff members; provides training regarding specific systems and general data processing activities;

Accepts requests for, assigns internal priorities to, and establishes daily schedules for production;

Maintains and ensures up-to-date operating documentation according to established standards;

Performs other work as required. 

Typical Work - Operations

Consults with and advises administrative and operational officials on techniques, methods and requirements of data processing; reviews machine utilization and production records for operational efficiency and capacity;

Plans and directs installation and modification of data processing equipment;

Plans, organizes, coordinates and provides general supervision for data processing personnel operating a variety of data processing equipment; has technical and administrative supervision over staff; assigns personnel to various shifts; takes disciplinary actions as needed;

Makes final decisions on technical phases of equipment operations and internal procedures; aids in installation of cost and internal accounting procedures;

Assigns work, instructs and trains operators; maintains control of sequence and progress of work in process;

Balances completed work against established controls and checks reports and tabulation for errors and irregularities, completeness and accuracy of totals; documents new jobs; coordinates with systems staff on tests; maintains all process control documentation;

Coordinates and verifies work of customer engineers; schedules equipment maintenance; maintains equipment performance records and statistics;

May plan, organize, coordinate and provide general supervision for all COM operations personnel including supervisors of a large multi-shift COM installation; supervises operation of a mini-computer, understands data set backup, use of system utilities and system operating procedures;

Performs other work as required.

Knowledge and Abilities

Knowledge of:  data processing equipment and methods of operation; scheduling, problem solving and quality assurance techniques; inventory control, buying practices and property accountability; applicable data processing systems, procedures and processes. 

Ability to:  plan, organize and direct data processing operations; plan and develop system methods, procedures and controls; train, supervise and direct work of data processing personnel; meet with department officials, systems specialists, vendor representatives and using clients; discuss, devise and implement operations solutions.

Legal Requirement(s)

There may be instances where individual positions must have additional licenses or certification. It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure the appropriate licenses/certifications are obtained for each position. 

Desirable Qualifications

Completion of a two-year vocational training program in data processing or an associate degree in data processing, and (1) either two years' experience as a data processing supervisor over computer operators, computer input schedulers, or data entry supervisors, or (2) two years as a lead computer operator for an electronic computer system and two years of additional data processing experience. 

Additional data processing experience may be substituted, year for year, for the educational requirements. 

Note:  Up to one year of applicable experience and/or training with specific equipment or discipline (e.g., scheduling, data entry or computer operations) may be required as substituted for up to one year of state requirements (per MSR 356-26-130, Certification - Selective - When Permitted).

Class Specification History

New class (replaces Data Processing Supervisor 3 - class code 0372): 9-11-81
New class code: (formerly 03760) effective July 1, 2007
Title change (formerly Data Processing Supervisor 4); adopted May 14, 2009, effective May 15, 2009.

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