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Recommendations on prescription drug price transparency legislation

In 2001, prescription drug costs represented 13 percent of the health care cost for an average American family; by 2017, those costs had grown to 17 percent. Given prescription drugs’ burgeoning share of health care costs — and the collective outrage over inexplicable price hikes highlighted recently in various media reports — concerns over prescription drug prices have been mounting. Absent any federal initiatives, states are now exploring options to address these rising prices.

New report examines hospitalizations for potentially preventable health conditions

The Office of Financial Management’s Health Care Research Center is pleased to announce the release of a new research brief, “Potentially Preventable Hospitalizations by Legislative District.

This report examines hospitalizations for eleven conditions that, in theory, would not have required inpatient care if the patients had had timely access to primary or secondary care services such as vaccinations, antibiotics, regular physician office visits, etc.