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Contact Labor Relations staff

The State Human Resources/Labor Relations Section is under the administrative arm of the Office of Financial Management. This allows for close coordination with all aspects of budget development, revenue forecasting and public compensation and benefit systems, which are all important resources to the collective bargaining process. Contact us with questions about various aspects of public sector collective bargaining and labor relations.

Labor Relations Section

128 10th Avenue SW, 4th Floor
P.O. Box 47500
Olympia, WA 98504-7500

360-407-4150 (main line)

Labor Relations Section Staff

View Assignments by Agency

Each labor negotiator is assigned state agencies and/or colleges to serve as the resource for labor relations management on interpretation and application of labor agreements and on a variety of labor relations issues.

Staff Title Phone
Ann Green Labor Relations Manager 360-888-2058
Ashley Chipman Labor Relations Assistant 360-480-2169
Brenda Brown Labor Relations Assistant 564-999-1867
Brenda Moen Labor Negotiator 360-810-0665
Connya Sheatsley Labor Relations Support Supervisor 360-480-5992
Diane Lutz Section Chief 360-407-4156
Gina Comeau Labor Negotiator 360-810-0166
Jenny Sheehan Senior Labor Negotiator (HE) 360-280-3391
Jerry Holder Senior Labor Negotiator (WSF) 360-339-3723
Jessica Zuehl Labor Relations Assistant 564-999-3023
Kelly Woodward Labor Negotiator 360-688-3905
Olivia May Labor Relations Assistant 564-999-1868
Pom Woodland Office Assistant n/a
Ron Stormer Labor Negotiator 360-485-5124
Scott Lyders Labor Negotiator 360-480-3612
Shea Isaksen Labor Relations Planning and Strategy Advisor 360-688-3824
Siobhan Murphy Labor Negotiator 360-280-9625
Tanya Aho Labor Negotiator 360-742-8859
Valerie Inforzato Labor Negotiator 360-529-7809


Assignments by Agency



Agency LRS Contact Phone
Adult Family Homes Council

Kelly Woodward

Agriculture, Department of

Scott Lyders


Arts Commission Ron Stormer 360-485-5124
Attorney General's Office Ann Green 360-888-2058
Blind, Services for the Kelly Woodward 360-688-3905
Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals Scott Lyders 360-480-3612
Center for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Youth Kelly Woodward 360-688-3905
Child Care Providers
Gina Comeau 360-810-0166
Children, Youth, and Families, Department of Gina Comeau 360-810-0166
Commerce, Department of Brenda Moen 360-810-0665
Corrections, Department of (Teamsters)

Tanya Aho


Corrections, Department of (WFSE)

Ron Stormer


Criminal Justice Training Commission Kelly Woodward 360-688-3905
Ecology, Department of Brenda Moen 360-810-0665
Employment Security Department
Siobhan Murphy


Enterprise Services, Department of Brenda Moen 360-810-0665
Ferries - IBU, MM&P Masters, MM&P Mates, MM&P WCS

Jerry Holder - Lead

Ferries - Carpenters, Metal Trades Brenda Moen 360-810-0665
Ferries - FASPAA Gina Comeau 360-810-0166
Ferries - OPEIU Jenny Sheehan 360-280-3391
Ferries - MEBA Licensed, MEBA Unlicensed, MEBA Port Engineers
Scott Lyders 360-480-3612
Ferries - SEIU 6 Valerie Inforzato 360-529-7809
Fish and Wildlife, Department of Siobhan Murphy 360-280-9625
Health Care Authority Valerie Inforzato 360-407-4170
Health, Department of Brenda Moen 360-810-0665
Historical Society Kelly Woodward 360-688-3905
Home Care Individual Providers Ann Green 360-888-2058
Horse Racing Commission Ron Stormer 360-485-5124
Human Rights Commission Ron Stormer 360-485-5124
Insurance Commissioner, Office of Ron Stormer 360-485-5124
Labor and Industries, Department of Ron Stormer 360-485-5124
Language Access Providers Valerie Inforzato 360-529-7809
Licensing, Department of Tanya Aho 360-742-8859
Liquor and Cannabis Board Valerie Inforzato 360-407-4170
Lottery Commission Ron Stormer 360-485-5124
Military Department Scott Lyders 360-480-3612
Minority and Women's Business Enterprises, Office of Siobhan Murphy 360-280-9625
Natural Resources, Department of Valerie Inforzato 360-529-7809
Parks and Recreation Commission Tanya Aho 360-742-8859
Recreation and Conservation Office Scott Lyders 360-480-3612
Revenue, Department of Valerie Inforzato 360-529-7809
School for the Blind Kelly Woodward 360-688-3905
Secretary of State Scott Lyders 360-480-3612
Social and Health Services, Department of

Brenda Moen- Lead

Ron Stormer

Kelly Woodward

Gina Comeau

Siobhan Murphy






Social and Health Service, Department of

Eastern/Western State Hospital

Scott Lyders - Lead 360-480-3612
State Patrol Ron Stormer 360-485-5124
Transportation, Department of Ron Stormer 360-485-5124
Utilities and Transportation Commission Scott Lyders 360-480-3612
Veterans Affairs, Department of Siobhan Murphy 360-280-9625
Siobhan Murphy 360-280-9625
Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board Gina Comeau 360-810-0166



Higher Ed-Community Colleges (WFSE and WPEA) LRS Contact Phone
Bellevue College (WFSE) Jenny Sheehan 360-280-3391
Bellevue College (WPEA) Jenny Sheehan 360-280-3391
Big Bend Community College  Kelly Woodward 360-688-3905
Cascadia Community College Kelly Woodward 360-688-3905
Centralia College Kelly Woodward


Clark College Kelly Woodward 360-688-3905
Columbia Basin College Jenny Sheehan 360-280-3391
Community Colleges of Spokane Jenny SheehanJenny SheehanJenny SheehanJenny Sheehan 360-280-3391
Edmonds Community College Kelly Woodward 360-688-3905
Everett Community College Jenny Sheehan 360-280-3391
Grays Harbor College Kelly Woodward 360-688-3905
Green River College Jenny Sheehan 360-280-3391
Lower Columbia College Kelly Woodward 360-688-3905
Olympic College Jenny Sheehan 360-280-3391
Peninsula College Jenny Sheehan 360-280-3391
Pierce College Jenny Sheehan 360-280-3391
Seattle Colleges District Jenny Sheehan 360-280-3391
Shoreline Community College Jenny Sheehan 360-280-3391
Skagit Valley College Jenny Sheehan 360-280-3391
South Puget Sound Community College Jenny Sheehan 360-280-3391
Tacoma Community College (WFSE and WPEA) Kelly Woodward 360-688-3905

Walla Walla Community College

Kelly Woodward 360-688-3905
Wenatchee Valley College Kelly Woodward 360-688-3905
Whatcom Community College Jenny Sheehan 360-280-3391

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