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Veterans in state government

State Government Veterans Initiatives

In May 2013, Governor Inslee signed Executive Order 13-01 on employment opportunities for transitioning service members within Washington State.  OFM State HR (SHR) is charged with setting standards for agency plans and developing agency resources.  SHR is piloting several enterprise strategies in which agencies may participate, including but not limited to:

Veterans Fellowship Program

The goal of the fellowship is to assist veterans gain insight into the diverse career opportunities throughout the state enterprise by allowing them job shadowing opportunities. This program supports both Results Washington’s Goal 5 “Employer of Choice and Executive Order 13-01".

Veterans Fellowship Program

Veterans Employee Resource Group (VERG)

The Washington State Veterans Employee Resource Group (VERG) was formed in 2012 as a resource for making state government an employer of choice for veterans by recommending and developing strategies with the state employees' veteran community.  

Learn more on the Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs website

NW Edge

OFM State HR, agencies, and the VERG have been integral partners with JBLM in growing this model training program for transitioning service members.   OFM State HR is one of the lead facilitator during this program, and the VERG has been instrumental in organizing volunteers to train, coach, and mentor veterans entering the civilian workforce.

Washington State Military Transition Council (WSMTC)

The Council will support collaboration between federal, state, and local agencies, private and non-profit organizations that share responsibility for providing transition assistance to service members and their families.


Camo2Commerce (C2C) offers employers access to skilled transition service members exiting JBLM.   One of their main programs is an On the Job Training program.  C2C will reimburse 50% of the wages up to $6,000 for 3 months.

Military Skill and Experience Transition Tools

The following tools can be used to review applications, target job announcements for the veterans population and/or source potential applicants.