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My Demographic Data Tile is Now Available!

OFM is excited to announce we have launched a new My Demographic Data tile in MyPortal as of November 12, 2020. This new self-service tile allows employees to add and/or update select personal data. Having fresh, accurate workforce information helps leaders make data-informed decision-making around inclusivity and the representation of underrepresented groups in our state workforce.

Demographic data that can be added or updated from the My Demographic Data tile includes:

  • Gender Identity
  • Gender Designation for Health Insurance Purposes
  •  LGBTQ+
  • Military Spouse
  • Veteran Status
  • Race
  • Disability

The new tile may not initially display on the Home page but may be added using MyPortal App Finder.

My Demographic Data User procedures have been added to the MyPortal systems page.

Note: Providing this information is voluntary. The information will be kept confidential to the extent possible. As of June 11, 2020, the following information collected through MyPortal is protected from public disclosure at the individual level: month and year of birth, race and ethnicity, sexual orientation and gender identity (RCW 49.60.040(26)), and status as a person with disability.

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