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Agency fiscal status reports

Why are agency fiscal status reports important?

These summary financial status reports provide high-level information regarding an agency’s expenditures, revenues, FTEs and deficit fund balances. These reports are intended to provide a quick look at an agency’s financial status and to highlight areas where there may be problems. We welcome your comments on the usefulness of these reports.

What is in the report?

The first page of the report provides graphical representations that show:

  • Actual monthly operating expenditure trends compared to estimates, for both all funds and General Fund-State.
  • Cumulative operating expenditures compared to estimates for all funds.

Subsequent pages of the report contain tables that reflect:

  • Expenditure comparison of actual to estimated expenditures by agency budget program;
  • Expenditure comparison of actual to estimated expenditures by fund group (General Fund-State, General Fund-Federal, Other Funds-State, etc.);
  • FTE Expenditure comparison of actual to estimated FTEs by agency budget program;
  • Revenue comparison of actual to estimated revenue receipts by fund and by fund group;
  • A listing of fund balances showing deficits.

For further information about the agency financial status reports, contact your OFM budget analyst or Jane Sakson.



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