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Publication Title Publication Date Tags
Salary Market Study for General State Service Psychologist and Psychiatrist June 2013 Compensation, State Human Resources
School Directors? Association Classification and Compensation Audit, Washington State March 2016 Education
Second Year Impact of ACA on Washington State's Health Coverage

Research Brief 80

December 2016 Health care, Human services, Affordable Care Act, Research Brief, health insurance, Medicaid
Select Characteristics of Medicaid Enrollees in Washington's Legislative Districts April 2017 Forecasting & Research, Health care, Human services, Affordable Care Act, Medicaid
Sepsis Hospitalizations: Trends and Geographic Variations

Research Brief 62

June 2012 Health care, Human services
Single Audit Report

An entity audit of Washington state that includes both the financial statements and the expenditures of federal awards by all state agencies, including institutions of higher education.

March 2017 Accounting
Six-Year Facilities Plan for 2017–23 July 2016 Facilities
Space Use Recommendations Report July 2016 Facilities
Specified Reporting Requirements for Higher Education Institutions August 2014 Education, Higher education
State Auditor's Office - Post Audit Report for the 2013-2015 Biennium July 2015
State Data Center and Wheeler Office Facility Business Plan(Excipio Consulting) December 2010 Facilities, General Government, IT, Central services
State Employee Engagement Survey

An annual survey of employees in the executive branch of state government.

January 2017
State Expenditures and Revenues by County (Fiscal Year 2015) September 2017 Expenditures, Forecasting & Research, Revenue
State Need Grant Study February 2017 Education, Forecasting & Research, K-12 Education
State Salary Survey

OFM is required by law (RCW 41.06.160) to conduct a salary survey to determine the prevailing pay rates for jobs that are comparable to state jobs.

April 2016 Compensation, State Human Resources
State Toxics Control and Environmental Legacy Stewardship Accounts Budgeting - A Report to Legislature October 2013 Budget, Environment, Natural resources
Statewide HR Management Report

Contains detailed workforce performance measures such as turnover, appointments, and diversity by individual agencies with 100 or more employees.

January 2017 State Human Resources
Strategic Plan Guidelines June 2016 Agency guidance
Strategic Printing Strategy July 2010 General Government, Central services
Student Participation and Postsecondary Outcomes: Entry-Level Aerospace Assembler Training and Enhanced Manufacturing Skills Programs (Annual Report) September 2017 Aerospace, Education, Forecasting & Research, K-12 Education
Student Participation and Postsecondary Outcomes: Specialized Courses in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (Annual Report) September 2017 Education, Forecasting & Research, K-12 Education