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High School Senior Culminating Project

One of the goals of the Commission is to promote to schools, faculty, and/or students, the possibilities for developing culminating projects that have a strong service element. Some useful tools to present this concept are the High Impact Project Manuals, publications by Service-Learning Northwest, a program of Educational Service District 112 made possible with Learn and Serve funds provided by the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI). Permission to make these resources available on this website has been authorized by OSPI.

Culminating Project Tools for Students

There are six separate High Impact Project Manuals, each with a different theme. Each manual is divided into four sections. The first section of each manual explores the overall background and history of the general topic area including brief biographies of key historical figures. In addition students will find references throughout the section for additional related research. The second section provides an extensive list of both web based and print resources that support a variety of issues within the general topic area. These resources also provide a research base for the project. The next section provides examples of service activities that can be implemented in conjunction with a culminating research project based on the particular theme. The final section includes a number of planning tools that will aid in the development of high quality, high impact culminating projects.

Additional Tools for Students and Parents