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Age, sex, race, and Hispanic origin


Population estimates by race and Hispanic origin on this page are based on Census 2000 and compliant with OFM's 1997 race data collection and reporting requirements. The estimates below have not been updated with 2010 Census data. OFM plans to make the updates and begin to produce the postcensal estimates between fall 2012 and spring 2013.

Intercensal estimates by race, Hispanic origin, and county

Interpolation is used to develop OFM's county level intercensal estimates by race and Hispanic origin. The interpolated estimate at time t is calculated as follows:

The results of the interpolation procedure are then raked and balanced to OFM's intercensal county controls located on the Historical estimates of April 1 population and housing for the state, counties, and cities page.

Standards for data collection and reporting on race/ethnicity