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Project Management Framework
Change Management Example

Example #1:

SMART Project

1. Overview

The purpose of this Change Management Plan is to identify the process by which requested changes to the scope of the SMART Project are addressed.

When the project was defined in the Project Charter, expectations were set as to what the project will produce, the costs involved, and the amount of time and resources required. The approval of the charter essentially resulted in a contract between the parties involved. Any request that changes the scope of that contract will be subjected to a rigorous protocol. Execution of this protocol ensures the impact of the request is quantified and subsequent modifications to the project's deliverables, cost and/or timeframe are approved by the project sponsors, as well as appropriate Information Services (ISD) management.

2. Issue Process

Two primary tools are used to manage the change request process. The Change Request Form is used to forward requested changes to the project manager as well as record the impact, resolution and approver decision. The project manager uses a Change Request Log to track the status of change requests.

The Diagram 1 portrays the interaction between the process players. The players involved in the change management process are the original requester, the project manager, the project sponsors, and the analyst.

General Rules

3. Change Management Roles

Project Manager
Project Sponsor

4. Change Request Form/Log Templates

The project will use the following forms for requesting changes and logging the requests:

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