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Public Higher Education Enrollment Projections

November 2008

In accordance with RCW 43.62.050, RCW 28B.10.784, and RCW 28B.10.776, the Office of Financial Management (OFM) develops public higher education enrollment projections. These projections apply current and statutorily determined participation rates to the state population forecast. Thus, they represent the change in student full time equivalents (FTEs) that would be required to keep pace with population change. All projections use the November 2008 OFM population forecast.

Table 1 contains projections based on the "current participation rate" as determined by estimated 2008 Two-Year System and actual Four-Year System enrollments.

Table 2 contains projections based on the participation rate funded in FY 1993. RCW 28B 10.776 requires OFM to determine minimum enrollment goals based on the FY 1993 participation rate.

Last updated: November 21, 2008