Statewide Public Four-Year Dashboard

OFM worked with the six public universities and colleges to create this centralized dashboard that displays a number of accountability measures, such as, graduation rates and the time it takes to complete a bachelor’s degree for each institution and statewide.

The metrics are organized into the three categories listed in the bar above, with the specific metrics listed below.

Student Enrollment

  • Summary
  • Annual Enrollment
  • Pre-College Courses

Student Progress

  • Summary
  • Success beyond Pre-College
  • Success in College Math & English
  • Credit Accumulation
  • Graduation/Continuation
  • Course Completion

Degrees & Graduates

  • Summary
  • Degrees
  • Time to Degree
  • Credits to Degree
  • Completion Ratio
  • Market Penetration

Looking for revenue and expenditure data? has data for all public and private institutions in Washington. has data for all public institutions in Washington.

Metric data displayed in the dashboard (Data download)

Enrolled students by county, state and country (Data download)

Degrees awarded by program (Data download)


Please contact Melissa Beard, higher education analyst for the Office of Financial Management.

Publication Date: 6/3/2016