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759 Miscellaneous Program Account

Account code: 759
Account title: Miscellaneous Program Account
Administering agency: LCL0 - Locally by each agency
Fund type: BA - Special Revenue Funds
Roll-up fund: BD - Central Admin and Regulatory Fund
Cash type: 3 - Local Fund
SAAM budget type: Mixed (Part Approp Or Allot/Part Nonapprop) (M)
Interest earning authority:
Authority: RCW 43.88.195
Closing GL Code: 9321
Description: Local account used by several agencies to administer their trustee activities. NOTE: The Office of Financial Management (OFM) must approve the use of this account in writing. Agencies are to submit a written request to the OFM Accounting Division prior to using or modifying the use of this account.
Sources of revenue: Federal Grants-In-Aid, Charges and Miscellaneous Revenue, Other Miscellaneous Revenue, Interest Earnings
Clientele: General public
Effective date:
Inactive date: