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434 College Savings Program Account

Account code: 434
Account title: College Savings Program Account
Administering agency: 3430 - Higher Education Coordinating Board
Fund type: FA - Enterprise Funds
Roll-up fund: FI - Other Activities Fund
Cash type: 2 - Treasury Trust Fund
SAAM budget type: Mixed (Part Approp Or Allot/Part Nonapprop) (M)
Interest earning authority: 43.79A.040
Authority: RCW 28B.95.150
Closing GL Code:
Description: Receipt monies for investment in the college savings program from participants. The program is to invest on behalf of participants, and pay the administrative costs of the program.
Sources of revenue: Participant Fees, Interest Income, Interest Earnings
Clientele: General public
Effective date: 7/1/2001
Inactive date: 7/1/2012