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21T Suicide-safer Homes Project Account

Account code: 21T
Account title: Suicide-safer Homes Project Account
Administering agency: 3030 - Department of Health
Fund type: AA - General Fund
Roll-up fund: AC - Administrative Accts in the General Fund
Cash type: 2 - Treasury Trust Fund
SAAM budget type: Budgeted (Nonappropriated/Allotted) (B)
Interest earning authority:
Authority: RCW RCW 43.70
Closing GL Code: 9323
Description: Account is used for the development and production of suicide prevention materials and training programs; for providing financial incentives to encourage firearms dealers and others to participate in suicide prevention training; and to implement pilot programs involving community outreach on creating suicide-safer homes.
Sources of revenue: Appropriations, gifts, grants, bequests, devises, funds from public or private sources.
Clientele: General public
Effective date: 7/23/2017
Inactive date: