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11V Veteran Estate Management Account

Account code: 11V
Account title: Veteran Estate Management Account
Administering agency: 3050 - Department of Veterans Affairs
Fund type: BA - Special Revenue Funds
Roll-up fund: BE - Human Services Fund
Cash type: 2 - Treasury Trust Fund
SAAM budget type: Mixed (Part Approp Or Allot/Part Nonapprop) (M)
Interest earning authority:
Authority: RCW 73.04.135
Closing GL Code: 9323
Description: For the purpose of providing financial operating and maintenance support to the veteran estate management program.
Sources of revenue: Fees, reimbursements, and grants collected from estates of incapacitated veterans' or incapacitated veterans' dependents.
Clientele: Veterans
Effective date: 3/31/2006
Inactive date: