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Employment and Housing - Annual Change 1990 to Present

Employment Estimates for Counties are developed by the Employment Security Department in cooperation with the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). These estimates are based on the Current Population Survey and other administrative data. For additional information contact Department of Employment Security, Labor Market and Economic Analysis at 360-407-4569.

Housing Unit Estimates for Counties are developed by the Office of Financial Management, Forecasting Division. These estimates are based on the most recent decennial census count and moved forward in time using building permits, demolitions, and other administrative records obtained directly from local governments. For additional information contact the Forecasting Division at 360-902-0599.

Disclaimer: By using these data the user agrees that the Washington State Office of Financial Management shall not be liable for any activity involving these data with regard to lost profits or savings or any other consequential damages; or the fitness for use of the data for a particular purpose; or the installation of the data, its use, or the results obtained.

  1. Annual Average Civilian Covered Employment & Change by County PDF  |  Excel
  2. April 1 Housing Units & Change by County Excel

Last updated: March 1, 2017