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2011 Supplemental budget


2009-11 Balance Sheet

Appropriation Bills



Recommendation Summaries

The individual agency Recommendation Summaries display the dollar and FTE differences between each agency’s current expenditure authority (including Chapter 1, Laws of 2010 2nd Special Session) and the revised 2009-11 budget proposed by the Governor. The complete supplemental budget document also includes the 2011 supplemental capital plan project list and fund summary.

Under Governor’s proposed legislation, cigarette tax revenue now going to the Education Legacy Trust Account would be accounted for in the General Fund-State beginning in Fiscal Year 2011.  A like amount of Education Legacy Trust Account expenditures are moved to General Fund support.  This re-definition impacts the comparability of expenditures between biennia for some education agencies.

Expenditures requiring other types of legislation are identified by a pound sign (#) at the end of the item label.  (Some of these assessments are still in process.)

Complete Supplemental Budget Document



Governmental operations

Human services - DSHS

Human services - other

Natural resources and recreation


Kindergarten through grade 12 education

Higher education

Other education

Bond retirement and interest

Special appropriations to the Governor

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