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Agency recommendation summaries

The individual agency Recommendation Summaries in this document reflect the dollar and FTE differences between current biennium (2007-09) expenditure authority and the Governor's proposed 2009-11 budget.  The summaries also identify the activities the agencies perform, with narrative that is intended to present a succinct, informative description of the services that result from this budget proposal.

The activity information continues to play a crucial role in the Governor’s budget development effort, helping decision makers analyze statewide costs and results, and providing a meaningful way to talk about the work of state government.  While activity data appears to be the best way to explain what the budget will buy, there are also some qualifications that should be noted:

Other formatting conventions in this document include the following:

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Governmental operations

Human services - DSHS

Human services - other

Natural resources and recreation


Kindergarten through grade 12 education

Higher education

Other education

Bond retirement and interest

Special appropriations to the Governor

Retirement systems contributions