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Washington State Sex Offender Policy Board

In 2008, the legislature passed SSB 6596 to create the Sex Offender Policy Board (SOPB). The Legislature's intent was to promote a coordinated and integrated response to sex offender management and create an entity to respond to issues that arise, such as integrating state and federal laws, in a way that enhances the state's interest in protecting the community with an emphasis on public safety.

As with the original Engrossed Substitute Senate Bill 5891, effective July 1, 2011, directs the Sentencing Guidelines Commission (SGC) to establish and maintain SOPB. The Board is assigned a wide variety of duties that range from conducting individual case reviews to undertaking projects that inform policy related to sex offenders.

2017 Sex Offender Management Conference

A wide variety of training sessions and networking opportunities will be offered. Specific sessions will be offered for RSO Coordinators and those who work with juveniles, in addition to the general knowledge sessions.

For more information and register, please see the Sex Offender Management Conference website.